Count Akuma
GK-count akuma

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Height: 172cm


Top Brass

Count Akuma is a powerful and formidable Invader general.


The Count is a top ranking Invader who manipulates the minds of people. He has the ability to read people's minds and would make the person feel like he or she where living in it. He would be able to get any information from his victim by using that desire or mess with their minds.


Count Akuma once caught the Gatekeepers in a trap. While they were heading back to Japan, Akuma attacked there plane home. He then used his powers of illusion to make them all believe they'd crashed on a tropical island. Forcing the Gatekeepers to live out there hidden desires in order to imprison them in his illusion. However, Akuma learned one of the Gatekeepers (Shun Ukiya) was apparently immune to his illusions. Shun managed to free the others and help everyone escape Akuma. This act by Shun earned Akuma's loathing.

While the Gatekeepers of A.E.G.I.S. were in the middle of a recovery mission to recover four secret devices from the Western Branch of A.E.G.I.S., Kaiser Kikai attacked them. Then three foreign Gatekeepers arrived and Kikai was forced to retreat. Later Akuma joined Kikai in his offensive against the Gatekeepers. Despite his assistance the Eastern and Western A.E.G.I.S. Gatekeepers proved to much for them.

Akuma returned years later and battled his archenemy Shun's daughter Ayane Ukiya, only to be defeated again.


  • His name is also known as Baron Akuma in the English translation of the anime and Akuma Hakushaku in japan.