A Gate is a door from another dimension where an ability and an energy can be summoned by someone that is a GateKeeper.

Background[edit | edit source]

The ability to summon a gate often appears to come with a price. If at an early stage a Keeper is not aware of his ability the gate may absorb that individuals happiness in the future.

Note on the backgrounds of many prominent GateKeepers like Shun Ukiya (whose father died), Reiko Asagiri (broken family), Kaoru Konoe (her ability was not recognized and she was disqualified for achieving impossible records on track and field), Feng Fei Ling (her family was taken away from her by the government), Megumi Kurogane (her insecurities towards Ruriko and not being understood), Reiji Kageyama (father died while he was young). On another case, if a GateKeeper overuses his or her power, the gate could consume his/her physical being or time. This explains Yukino Houjou's agelessness.

List of Gate Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Gate of Gales/Wind
  • Gate of Life
  • Gate of Illusion
  • Gate of Close Combat/Pursuit
  • Gate of Walls/Protection
  • Gate of Heat and Explosion
  • Gate of Time and Space
  • Gate of Solid Crush
  • Gate of Ice
  • Gate of Supersonic
  • Gate of Lightning
  • Gate of Perception
  • Gate of Foresight
  • Gate of Disappearance

Inverse Gates[edit | edit source]

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An Inverse, Minus, or Black Gate as they are sometimes called, can only be opened when a GateKeeper is feeling intense negative emotions, usually hatred, jealousy, misery, or even something as simple as intense anger. This changes the gate and it's power into the opposite of what it was originally.

List of Inverse Gates[edit | edit source]

  • Gate of Darkness
  • Gate of Invasion
  • Gate of Death/Genocide
  • Gate of Regeneration

Whether a gate becomes a minus gate or not is decided by the GateKeeper's emotional state rather than the gate's own properties. So the inverse gate of Heat would not be of Ice simply because fire is the natural elemental opposite of ice.

The Cost of Using Gates[edit | edit source]

The over use of gates seems to have different effects on the users.

  • Yukino's Gate of Ice, started by freezing her at aging process at age 10 and eventually will culminate with her being frozen fully in time unable to interact with the world.
  • Kageyama's Gate of Preception and Gate of Shadow, starts consuming his body parts with over use.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some Gatekeepers have been shown to manifest their abilities without the need for a traumatic event to occur in their lives, only a strong desire to protect. Chotaro Banba and Miu Manazuru among them.
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