Gate Keepers 1985 is a novel whose story bridges in-between the stories of the tv-series Gate Keepers and it's OAV, Gate Keepers 21.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story mostly takes place in the year 1985, with the Gatekeepers fighting old and new enemies leading the Invaders with flashbacks to the Battle of 1970, the first encounter with Shinikami Shinishi. The A.E.G.I.S. Network has been decommissioned and all active members have gone underground.

In 1985, Kageyama meets Ukiya Shun (Age 33) and discusses the rebuilding of AEGIS and training of Invader Hunters.

Kageyama had been sending his scouts out to report on the details of the old Gate Keepers. Reiko Asagiri married a musician and moved to Switzerland in 1983. Feng Fei Ling found her grandfather and littler brother and helped them escape to Hong Kong due to the Cultural Revolution in Mainland China. Jim Skylark was still fighting invaders with a small group of allies. Ruriko, who had lost her powers, was a teacher on a small island.

It's later discover that Reiji Kageyama's life was saved by Megumi Kurogane. After the battle between Shun Ukiya and Shinikami Shinshi in 1970, it appears Megumi stayed by Reiji's side for some time.

In the final battle of 1988, 17 Invader Hunters plus Captain Ukiya Shun die defeating Shinikami Shinishi.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of Bancho's gate is revealed as "The Gate of Crushing".
  • Megane's true name is Meguro Kanetake.
  • Shirei's true name was revealed as Tokiwatari Tetsuya.
  • A major theme of the book is the change in modern society versus the 1960s in Japan. This modernization led to an alienation and distance in society which led to a population ripe for the invaders to born from.
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