Kaiser Kikai
Gatekeepers Kaiser Kikai

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Height: 188cm


Top Brass

Kaiser Kikai is a strong and intelligent Invader general.


With his deep, raspy voice and a "Heil Vader!" catchphrase, Kikai was a top Invader with the power to control machinery.


Kikai was said to have caused the disappearance of the SS Marine Sulphur Queen in the Bermuda Triangle and made it resurface six years later standing up in Yokohama Bay.

Kikai first appeared in Japan trying to control the first Shinkansen and sent it on a destructive maiden journey.

While the Gatekeepers of A.E.G.I.S. were in the middle of a recovery mission to recover four secret devices from the Western Branch of A.E.G.I.S., Kikai attacked them. Then three new foreign Gatekeepers arrived and Kikai fought them. Kikai battled Jim Skylark, Jun Thunders and Misao Sakimori. Kikai managed to get away from the Gatekeepers due to interference from Gatekeeper Shun Ukiya; this escape is ultimately pointless once he returns alongside Count Akuma. Together, the Eastern and Western A.E.G.I.S. Gatekeepers prove to much for him and the Count.

He returned again years later, having been revived by the Ghost Girl to battle against Ayane Ukiya only to be defeated by her, and her use of the Gate Engine.


  • His japanese name, Kikai Shogun means Genera Machine in english.