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Megumi Kurogane is a mumbling asocial girl who has the ability to set up force fields around herself with her Gate.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Megumi has a secret dislike for Ruriko, she has been bitterly jealous of Ruriko's wealth, intelligence and popularity (which contrasts with her own state of living, being a delivery girl for a noodle shop) for some time and hates it when Ruriko outshines her without seeming to put forth any effort.

Background[edit | edit source]

Megumi was the last official Gatekeeper to join A.E.G.I.S.. For some time Megumi did not appear to be particularly interested in socializing with her fellow Gatekeepers. Megumi was often a very introverted person. She would often be alone than socialize with her friends. For a long time Megumi was bitter about the fact that she lived in a noodle house. She would much rather be a member of A.E.G.I.S. than work to help the restaurant. When Megumi spoke she often did so in a low tone of voice. She used to think that everyone looked down on her for not being as smart and as popular as Ruriko.

She eventually joined Reiji Kageyama and the Invaders when Reiji promised to 'recognize her true abilities.' She gained a Minus Gate, the Gate of Invasion (which allowed her to invade the minds of others), but Reiji betrayed her trust when Ruriko became herself again. After which Megumi also came back to her senses. Despite all that he had done to her and her friends Megumi rescued Reiji using her normal Gate power, which had been restored completely.

She and Reiji stayed together for some time. The pair fought the Shinikami Shinshi together with Shun. After Shinikami Shinshi retreated, she continued to stay with Reiji. Years later Reiji mentions that, "Megumi's gone..."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Megumi replaces the role of Misao from the game though it should be noted whilst both characters share very similar personalities they both have different gates.
  • In the Epilogue of the novel GK1985, Megumi had died by the year 1988.
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